Sunday, March 08, 2009


Friday's weigh in was awesome, down another 3.4lbs for a total of 9.6lbs, so close to ten. The meeting was good, I really like this new leader, she's fun and has a ton of energy.

I usually make Friday my high point day, after weigh in and meeting I meet a friend for lunch. We always go to the same Vietnamese place and have beef satay soup. I do my weekly grocery shop after this, come home and make homemade pizza (extremely thin crust, lots of veggies and sauce, little bit of cheese). Dessert is 2 chocolate wafers with 2Tbsp of frozen light cool whip sandwiched in between. None of these are very high in points, but I feel as if I've indulged all day especially the soup, I love it. Super spicy and so decadent. I don't eat before weighing in, so I estimate the whole day is around 30 - 35 points.

This week was different, Friday I ate way too much pizza and went to bed uncomfortably full. Part of this was from being extremely constipated (sorry), and part because it was so damn good. I usually throw any leftovers out but my husband said he would have them for lunch the next day. Saturday I got up and was still feeling like crap, I opened the fridge and all sanity and reason fled. I ate over the course of the day:
  • four pieces of leftover pizza
  • 1.5 cups of leftover bouillabaisse
  • 1 mini apple pie that my friend had made for my husband
  • 2 full fat granola bars
  • and apple
  • some brazil nuts
  • a handful of dill pickle chips with cottage cheese
  • oil popped and butter drenched popcorn
  • a cool whip 'sandwich'
Then, as if the above wasn't enough I ordered chinese and got through:
  • 1 green onion cake
  • 1 cup of steamed white rice
  • 1/2 of an order of ginger beef
  • 4 pork dumplings
  • a small bottle of coke zero
It was a regular pig fest at my house yesterday. Through the whole thing I didn't feel right, nor did anything but the bouillabaisse taste right. I was still constipated and so full I felt like vomiting. I will never do it again, I still have a food hangover, I feel like shit. At least I finally was able to go to the bathroom.

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