Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fresh Start

The Atkins plan, I discovered, is so not the plan for me. In the past couple of months I've started Atkins no less than 3 times. Everything goes well for about a week, I keep completely on plan then BAM I start binging. I end up eating things I normally wouldn't when not dieting -ie: white bread, cereal, crackers and any type of sugar I can get my chubby little hands on. This totally negates any loss I might have had.

So after much contemplation and reading of other blogs I'm joining Weight Watchers tomorrow. This won't be the first time, but hopefully the last.

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Losing Waist! said...

Well it is not surprising that it causes you to binge. Our bodies are made for the consumption of carbs (think brown rice and yams- not birthday cake) and carbohydrates are one of the six essential nutrients for sustaining life. It is terrible to think about the body not getting something that keeps it functioning.

I am glad you are going another route (WW)... you get carbs with their plans and it seems to be a pretty balanced program!